The other aspect of the project was installing ductwork thru holes that were cut in concrete floors. Floors11 and 13 were built-out -out creating new offices. This required VAV reheat coils, hot water piping, ductwork, water valve boxes

One of the more challenging aspects of this project was installing the Trane modular air handlers located on the 9th and 15th floors. The only access to the floors is in a small elevator. Because the air handlers are modular they were taken apart and pieces would fit into the elevator. The 15th floor air handler had to be lifted in pieces with a handcrank thru the 14th floor ceiling up thru a floor door located in the 15th floor mechanical room.

One issue with the 9th floor air handler was that not all pieces would fit into the elevator and this led to having to close Davie St. to crane up two coils and several larger pieces thru a window that had to be taken out and put back.